Modern Outdoor House Numbers - 9 Styles - Personalized Address Signs for House


Personalized Horizontal House Numbers for Outside Address Plaque

Elevate the look of your home with our customizable metal address plaques, designed to seamlessly blend form and function for any home. As a modern solution to traditional house signs, our address signs for house options allow for an infusion of your personality right at your doorstep. Choose from a variety of themes—Barn, Bear, Eagle, Horse, Hummingbird, Moose, Palm Tree, Pine Tree, Tree—to perfectly complement your exterior. Our plaques offer not just a decoration but also a definitive statement. These custom address signs for houses are crafted from high-quality metal, ensuring they stand the test of time. You have the freedom to personalize the top line with up to 9 characters and the bottom line with up to 12 characters. Customize it further with your choice of three different sizes: 12", 15", or 18". When it comes to durability, we've got you covered. Opt for our rust-resistant powder-coated finishes in black, silver, or white to guarantee that your custom metal address sign remains as striking as the day you first mounted it. These finishes make our metal address plaques for house options not only stylish but long-lasting as well. What sets our product apart is the meticulous craftsmanship involved in creating each custom house number sign. You’re not just getting an address sign plaque; you’re investing in a piece of art that’s as unique as your home. From house address signs modern designs to traditional aesthetics, our plaques can be integrated into various architectural styles, thus making them the perfect personalized house name plaques for any home. Whether you're in the market for modern home address plaques, personalized address plaques for house or metal house number plaques with numbers, our product offers an unparalleled mix of quality and customization.

Design Flexibility: Our personalized address sign collection offers a diverse range of designs including Barn, Bear, Eagle, Horse, Hummingbird, Moose, Palm Tree, Pine Tree, and Tree. Match the theme of your house effortlessly and make a distinct statement with these custom address plaques for house.

Size Options: Choose from 12”, 15”, or 18” sizes for your custom house address sign, allowing for ideal visibility from a distance. Our custom address numbers for houses cater to all types of homes, from cozy cottages to sprawling estates.

Finish Choices: Opt for a raw steel finish for a rustic look or go for our rust-resistant, powder-coated finishes in black, silver, or white. The powder coating not only enhances the appearance of your metal address sign but also ensures long-lasting durability.

Easy Customization: Personalize the top line of your address wall sign with up to 9 characters and the bottom line with up to 12 characters. From house plaques personalized to match your style, you can truly make your custom home address sign your own.

Quality and Durability: Our modern address plaques for house are crafted from high-quality metal, making them both beautiful and durable. These metal address signs for houses withstand the elements, ensuring that your home is identifiable in style for years to come.

A powder coated finish is a type of coating that is applied electrostatically and then cured under heat. It creates a hard finish that is tougher than paint and will protect the metal from rusting. 

  • Choose style: Barn, Bear, Eagle, Horse, Hummingbird, Moose, Palm Tree, Pine Tree, Tree
  • Customize the top line up to 9 characters (we recommend keeping the first line shorter than the second when possible)
  • Customize the bottom line up to 12 characters.
  • Dimensions: 12 inch: 3.75" tall x 12" wide | 15 inch: 4.5" tall x 15" wide | 18 inch: 5.5" tall x 18" wide (may vary slightly depending on graphic)
  • All caps only

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