Utah Home Grown & Handcrafted: When childhood best friends Matt and Joe needed an excuse to have a regular “Guy's Night Out”, Rusted Orange Craftworks Co. was born. Begun as a hobby, it quickly blossomed into an exciting and challenging business (and a great excuse to buy tools and big machines). Once it became clear that this was more than a hobby, Matt and Joe's wives, Aubrey and Samantha, got involved and then things really grew!

Together, this foursome loves to create products that serve to unite families and make houses feel more like homes with beautiful, personalized decor and meaningful gifts. We love being a business centered around family. We hope you and your family love your Rusted Orange pieces in your home. Today we are honored to help you celebrate your home with beautiful, personalized metal decorations. And we will do everything possible to make sure you’re over-the-moon with every order!