From the metal shop of Rusted Orange Craftworks Co. located in the heart of the Utah Rocky Mountains: Thank you!  We’re pleased to share our craft with you with the hope that you’ll be able to beautify the space you live in and make your surroundings a joy to behold. 

Your piece comes as laser cut raw, unsealed metal: Be careful! There could be sharp edges.  Each piece we make is cut from steel with a unique patina of its own.  It may include variations in color- no two pieces will look exactly the same.  If you are looking for a very uniform look, we recommend sealing with a metallic or tinted spray paint to seal and to establish color uniformity. 

If left to its own devices this piece can rust depending on climate (humidity and moisture and leaving it unsealed will certainly lead to rust).  If you wish to protect the original finish, we recommend sealing with a clear or tinted spray paint of your choice straight out of the box.  Please wipe the piece off with a paper towel or cloth and open the grain by lightly buffing it with sandpaper (in the same direction) prior to sealing/painting.

 For very fast rusting, we recommend the following:  

1. Lightly sand or rough up the metal surface to open the grain. 
2. Spray it with white vinegar and leave it in the sun to dry.
3. For additional rusting, you can make a solution up in a spray bottle with 4 TBSP white vinegar, 1 1/2 tsp table sale, and 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide.  Mix it up til the salt dissolves, spray it, and then leave it in the sun.  You can repeat step up to 4 times to deepen the rusty patina.
4. Consider sealing your piece with a clear coat of spray paint.  If not, the patina will likely deepen over time. 

Spray paint (we love Rust-Oleum™), powder coating, chalk painting, sanding, hammering, scraping, buffing, and vinyl or washi tape always looks beautiful on your piece.  Let your inner creative genius be your guide! 

 *** For Metal Items with a stand-up tab: these pieces ship flat. You will need to bend the attached metal tabs in place for the letters to stand up (lay on a flat surface and bend the tab over a 90 degree angle - we like the edges of tables or counters)***

This video will show you how to display items with tabs:

Please email us at for any questions or concerns regarding your order.