Flower Bouquet Stake - Metal Cutout Memorial Stake for Loved Ones


Personalized Flower Stakes for Memorial

This unique memorial garden stake brings a touch of timeless beauty to your loved one's final resting place, serving as a delicate and enduring grave site decoration. Our memorial stake seamlessly merges natural aesthetics with the durability of metalwork, making it an exceptional choice for cemetery decor. Our Flowers in a Pot Metal Cutout offers a wide selection of flower varieties, each delicately crafted to echo the splendor of its botanical inspiration. The variety of flowers available allows you to choose one that resonates most with the memory of your loved one, providing an extra layer of personalization to this memorial piece. Each style can come in a powder-coated finish of black, silver, or white ensuring the piece maintains its polished and vibrant look even in outdoor conditions. In addition to its visual appeal, our metal cutout offers an intimate way to pay tribute to your loved ones. The customizable lines allow you to inscribe a name, date, or personal message. You can adjust the top line with up to 13 characters and the bottom line with up to 9 characters. This personal touch transforms our garden decoration stake into a heartfelt memorial marker, providing a tangible testament of love and memory for those who have passed. Each metal cutout comes equipped with sturdy stakes, ensuring secure installation in the ground at the grave site or a memorial garden. The stakes are designed for easy installation and to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring the memorial remains a constant in your loved one's resting place. The Flowers in a Pot Metal Cutout measures 20" tall x 9.5" wide, making it a noticeable yet tasteful addition to any cemetery decor or memorial garden. The size has been carefully chosen to ensure the piece is visible yet respectful, reinforcing the serene environment of the site. As a cherished keepsake or a gift to someone mourning a loss, our Flowers in a Pot Metal Cutout is more than a decoration. It's a lasting tribute, a symbol of remembrance, and a beacon of love that withstands the test of time. From the selection of the flower to the personalized inscription, this piece allows you to express your enduring love and create a space of remembrance that truly reflects the individual it honors.

Personalized Memorial: Customize up to two lines of text on this memorial garden stake, transforming it into a unique, heartfelt tribute. Ideal as a cemetery marker or for memorial flowers for the cemetery with a stake.

Quality Material and Finish: Crafted from durable metal and finished with a choice of powder coating in black, white, or silver, our cutout adds an elegant touch to any gravesite or garden decoration.

Flower Variety Options: Select from a multitude of flower designs, each expertly crafted to represent its unique botanical beauty. Ideal for those seeking a memorable and artistic memorial stake.

Secure and Noticeable: Comes with a sturdy stake for secure installation and measures 20" tall x 9.5" wide, ensuring a visible yet tasteful addition to any memorial garden or cemetery decoration.

- Select flower variety.  Choose powder coated finish - black, white, or silver.

- Customize top line up to 20 characters.  Customize bottom line up to 15 characters. 

- Dimensions varies for each style. Approximately: 20" tall x 10" wide

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