Classic Memorial Plaque - Graveyard Decoration Plaque for Cemetery


Personalized Memorial Plaque for Gravesite

Discover a fitting tribute to honor your loved ones with our personalized metal memorial plaque, the ideal solution for memorial items for loved ones. This elegantly designed cemetery memorial plaque serves as a touching grave marker, effortlessly enhancing the serenity of any final resting place. Crafted meticulously from durable metal, our memorial grave decoration is an exceptional choice for grave site decorations, adding a touch of personal warmth to any cemetery decor. This memorial plaque offers versatility with a variety of styles, sizes, and graphics, making it a unique grave decoration. Choose from rose, lily, peony, orchid, or iris style plaques to suit your taste. Each style is available in powder-coated finishes, including black, white, and silver, providing a polished look for any grave decoration. Our plaques offer a range of graphics, from the peaceful image of a deer or dove to the symbolic cross, heart, or star of David. Celebrate your loved ones' passions with our book, treble clef, or mountain graphics. You also have the option to leave the plaque plain for a minimalist appeal. Each plaque comes with the opportunity for personalized messages, allowing you to truly capture the essence of your loved one. You can customize the top line with up to 24 characters, the 2nd and 3rd lines with up to 20 characters each, and the bottom line up to 30 characters. Make a statement with this unique graveside decoration, a poignant cemetery decoration that speaks volumes. The memorial plaque also includes two sturdy ground anchors, ensuring it remains secure as a permanent cemetery marker. Available in sizes ranging from a compact 7" x 12" to a more expansive 11" x 18", this plaque offers options for every need. Whether you're seeking a small metal plaque for a garden memorial or a larger burial plaque for a gravesite, our memorial plaques offer a fitting tribute to those who have passed.

Quality Material and Finish: Our plaques, crafted from durable metal and finished with a choice of powder coating in black, white, or silver, provide an elegant touch as graveside decorations for the cemetery.

Customizable Inscriptions: Customize up to four lines of text to create a unique, heartfelt message on this cemetery memorial plaque. Perfect for an engraved name plate or memorial plaques for loved ones.  Includes two ground anchors.

Size Options: With a range of dimensions available, our plaque suits a variety of needs, from a small metal plaque for a garden memorial to a larger memorial plaque for outdoors. Ideal for those seeking unique grave decorations or cemetery markers for graves.  Dimensions: 7" x 12", 9" x 15", 11" x 18"

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