Harper House Numbers Modern Metal Numbers for Home Address


Harper House Numbers Modern Metal Numbers for Home Address

Instantly enhance your front porch with these elegant address numbers. This rustic address sign can be installed within just seconds – no complicated tools or professional help needed. Display this personalized metal sign to compliment the essence of your family’s home.

Forged from long-lasting, cold-rolled steel, these door numbers for house door use premium-quality metal for maximum durability and sturdiness and will look lovely hanging above your front door.

Utah home grown & hand crafted, our business blossomed organically, from pure passion. Everything you see for sale today began when owners Matt & Joe set out to create products that their families loved. Things quickly evolved into more when their wives and families joined the fun. Today we are honored for the chance to help you celebrate your home with beautiful, personalized metal decorations. And we will do everything possible to make sure you're over-the-moon with every order!

Fine print: Edges will be sharp. Mounting hardware not included. Made from unsealed steel; will rust if left outdoors or in humid areas. To avoid rust, we recommend sealing with Rustoleum. Each piece is made in the USA and will have a unique patina coloring. See care instructions. Ships within 3 days.

  • Choose your number(s) - If your house number is 1274, you may want to order a "twelve", a "seventy", and a "four".  
  • Dimensions: one - 2.5"x7" | two - 3.75"x8.5 | three - 4"x12" | four - 3.75"x9 | five - 4"x8.25" | six - 2.75"x6.75" | seven - 2.5"x11.5" | eight - 4.5"x11" | nine - 2.5" x 9.25" | ten - 3.75"x8.25" | eleven - 4.5"x13.25" | twelve - 4.5" x 14.75" | thirteen - 3.75"x18.25" | fourteen - 3.75"x17.5" | fifteen - 4"x14.75" | sixteen - 4"x15.75" | seventeen - 4"x20" | eighteen - 4.5"x17.25" | nineteen - 4"x18" | twenty - 4.25"x15" | thirty - 4.5"x13.5" | forty - 4.5"x10" | fifty - 4.5"x10" | sixty - 4.25" X 10.75" | seventy - 4.25"X15.25" | eighty - 4.5"x12.5" | ninety - 4.25"x13.25" | hundred - 4.25"x16.75" | thousand - 4.25"x20"

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