Flower Pick- Set of 3 Metal Flowers


Personalized Metal Flowers Loved Ones Name

Celebrate the beauty of life and memory with our customizable metal flowers. These exquisite pieces serve as a touching memorial decoration at services, gravesites, or even in the comfort of your home, providing an enduring symbol of love and remembrance. Ideal for those seeking unique memorial items for loved ones, our meticulously crafted, durable metal flowers offer an element of personal warmth and grace, making them a standout feature in any setting. Each of our metal flowers showcases a variety of styles, adding an unparalleled level of customization to your memorial services or home decor. Choose from our extensive range of flower varieties that can be tailored to match your preference or to honor the favorite flower of a loved one. This attention to detail ensures that each piece is unique, offering a bespoke touch to any setting. The elegance of our metal flowers is further enhanced with our choice of powder-coated finishes, including black, white, or silver. These polished finishes add a sophisticated touch, ensuring our flowers perfectly complement any memorial service, gravesite, or home interior. What truly sets our metal flowers apart, however, is the ability to customize the stem with a name of up to 9 characters. This personalized feature adds a poignant touch that speaks volumes, creating a one-of-a-kind memorial piece or a heartfelt personalized home decor item. Whether nestled in a memorial service bouquet or standing alone as a gravesite decoration, this personal touch offers a fitting tribute and a lasting celebration. Our customizable metal flowers are more than just decoration; they're a testament to the enduring bond of love and memory. Whether you're seeking a unique touch for a memorial service, a poignant grave decoration, or a personalized piece for home decor, our flowers offer a fitting tribute to those who have passed and a lasting celebration of those still with us.

Unique and Personalized: The stem of each metal flower can be customized with a name up to 9 characters, creating a unique and touching memorial item or a personalized piece of home decor.

Versatile Styles: Choose from a variety of flower styles to match your preference or honor a loved one's favorite flower. This variety makes our metal flowers an excellent choice for memorial services or home decoration.

Quality Material and Finish: Crafted from durable metal and finished with your choice of powder coating in black, white, or silver, our metal flowers provide an elegant touch to any setting.

Various Applications: From a touching addition to a memorial service bouquet to a standalone gravesite decoration or a unique piece of home decor, our customizable metal flowers suit a variety of needs and settings.

- Customize name up 9 characters. 

- Dimensions vary for each flower type.  Approximately 13" tall x 3" wide.

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