I Am a Disciple of Jesus Christ - Ornament, Tabletop Sign, and Wall Decor


This I am a disciple of Jesus Christ sign is a great way to show your faith and devotion to the Lord. It is made from durable steel and powder coated to protect it from rust. The sign is available in raw steel, black, white, and silver and can be used as an ornament, tabletop sign, or wall decor. It is also a perfect gift for teen girls, young women, and young men. The scripture is a powerful reminder of our purpose in life and how we can be disciples of Christ. The sign is easy to display and will last for years.

Lasting Quality: Meticulously crafted from exceptionally durable, high-quality metal to ensure sustained longevity, making it a lasting manifestation of your devotion to celestial ideals.

Artistic Focal Point: Spotlights a hand holding a flame as its core feature, providing not just aesthetic pleasure but also functioning as a spiritually enriching and emotionally resonant focal point.

Customization Options: Comes with a range of finishing options including rust-resistant powder coatings in classic hues of black, silver, or white, as well as an non-powder coated version for those seeking a more natural look.

Versatile Placement: Boasts unparalleled versatility in design and placement, allowing you to hang it on a wall, place it on a bookshelf, or position it as a table centerpiece, thereby offering an array of decorating possibilities catered to your unique taste and style.

Choose from 3 options: ornament, tabletop, or wall decor

Choose style: sunshine or hand with flame

Available in multipacks

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