Decor Steals Window Garden Markers - Set of 3 - Chocolate Mint, Rosemary and Lemon Grass Garden Plant Identification Stakes


Herb Garden Plant Identification Stakes

Gifts that fill a home with love. Gifts that make everyone say 'where did you get that?!' are the best! Ones with a personal twist are even better. These custom metal garden stakes for your loved ones are the most unique present.

This custom metal makes a perfect gift for friends and family on various holidays and occasions. Surprise your loved ones with the entire set, or get them for yourself and add some personal flair to your garden!

Lovingly forged from cold rolled steel, every piece is custom handcrafted in our Utah shop. We pour love and care into each rustic design. Raw, sanded steel is used and we suggest preserving these mini masterpieces by sealing with your favorite spray paint, as rusting can occur if left outdoors or in humid areas. (But did you know? Some people let them rust for an extra rustic look!)

Utah home grown & handcrafted, everything you see today began when owners Matt & Joe set out to create products their families loved. Things quickly evolved into more when their wives & families joined the fun. We are honored to help you celebrate your home with beautiful, personalized metal decorations.

  • Set includes: Chocolate Mint, Rosemary and Lemon Grass
  • Dimensions: 6" tall x 3.5" wide