Classic Christmas Lines

"I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite." - Buddy the Elf
  • Choose style: standing or hanging
  • Choose line: Bah Humbug | Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins | Griswold Family Christmas | Old Fashion Family Christmas | Smiling is My Favorite | You Serious Clark?
  • Dimensions: Bah Humbug 6" tall x 12" wide | Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins 8.5" tall x 10" wide | Griswold Family Christmas 6.5" tall x 12" wide | Old Fashion Family Christmas 5.25" tall x 11.5" wide | Smiling is My Favorite 8" tall x 8.75" wide | You Serious Clark? 8" tall x 10.75" wide
  • Standing style includes bendable tab for standing. Ships flat.
  • Wreath not included.
  • Crafted in the USA


Fine print: Edges will be sharp. Mounting hardware not included. Made from unsealed steel; will rust if left outdoors or in humid areas. To avoid rust, we recommend sealing with Rustoleum. Each piece is made in the USA and will have a unique patina coloring. See care instructions.

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