18" Metal Penscript Custom Names or Phrase

"Words are but pictures of our thoughts." - John Dryden
  • Up to 13 Characters
  • Multiple Words will be combined
  • Dimensions: ~ up to 12" tall x 18" wide
  • The shorter the word the taller the piece, the longer the phrase, the shorter the piece
  • We recommend capitalizing the first letter of each word.
  • We will not cut the cursive line in all caps.
  • All words in the phrase will be connected
  • Phrases will be created within a 12" x 18" platform. 
  • Length of the entire phrase can be up to 18" depending on character count.
  • Characters, within shorter phrases/words, can reach up to 12" tall. (top to bottom)  
  • If ordering multiple penscript phrases that you want to be proportional, please let us know in the order notes so we can size them to match, otherwise, they will be different in scale
  • No single word will be longer than 18"
  • Note: You can, but all UPPERCASE doesn't look great in this font
  • Dimensions: ~ up to 12" tall x 18" wide
  • Material: Beautifully sanded steel
  • Edges are sharp
  • Crafted in the USA

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