Up To 15" Custom Metal Hanging Name Plaques

size: 3.50 W × 15.00 H × 0.05 L

Custom designed and cut in our shop here in Ogden, Utah. We're grateful for the opportunity to help you claim your space! These vertical hanging custom name plaques will make your space look fabulous.  

We're honored to cut you your custom metal name plaque! Simply choose your name or word and we'll do the rest! (Each space counts as a character - up to 12). All entries must be UPPER case.

Choose between "Zigzag" or "Linear" design. 

DIMENSIONS: ZIGZAG: Approximately 3.5" Wide x 15" Long (Depends upon Number of Characters)

                      LINEAR: Approximately 2" Wide x 15" Long (Depends upon Number of Characters) 

MATERIAL: Industrial Grade Metal

Your piece is raw, unfinished steel, and comes with mid to mild discoloration due to the cutting process. There could be sharp edges. Your piece will come with a light sheen of oil and shop dust. See Care Instructions.

Crafted in the U.S.A.