From the metal shop of Rusted Orange Craftworks Co. located in the heart of the Utah Rocky Mountains: Thank you!  We’re pleased to share our craft with you with the hope that you’ll be able to beautify the space you live in and make your surroundings a joy to behold!  

Your piece comes as raw metal: Be careful! There could be sharp edges! 

Each piece is unique and will come with some discoloration due to the cutting process (it’s blasted hot!). The metal also comes with a light sheen of oil to protect it from rust, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll even get some shop dust! (Not as glamorous as fairy dust, we suppose, but we think it’s something special!) A paper towel wipe-down will do wonders, and if you’re really wanting a clean surface we recommend odorless mineral spirits – especially if you’re going to paint! 

Sanding with sandpaper will remove all discoloration and will give you a lovely metallic sheen! We like heavy 80 grit sandpaper to get down to business, then using a lighter grade paper for a more refined look (we feel that “unrefined” is super classy when it comes to metal!).

Made from 18g cold rolled steel, if left to its own devices this piece WILL OXIDIZE!  To get rid of surface rust, use your preferred grit sandpaper to blend it back out.  A quick touch up and you’ll be back where you’d like to be!

If you prefer a rusted look (we didn’t name ourselves “Rusted” for nothing!), spray your piece with a salt water and vinegar solution to speed up the oxidization process – we’re talking rust overnight!

Spray paint (we love Rust-Oleum™), powder coating, chalk painting, sanding, hammering, scraping, buffing, and vinyl or washi tape always looks good.  Let your inner creative genius be your guide! Have fun and thank you! We’re grateful for your patronage.


*** For Metal Items with a stand-up tab: these pieces ship flat. You will need to bend the attached metal tabs in place for the letters to stand up (lay on a flat surface and bend the tab over a 90 degree angle - we like the edges of tables or counters)***