18" Metal Premier Metal Script Words and Names

size: 18.00 W × 12.00 H × 0.05 L

These go beautifully in a gallery wall, above a doorway or next to an entrance or exit to any room. Want to make a phrase?  Get a few and see the power of words like “I am Enough” or “Be The Good” change your life (be advised that the words will be connected as one phrase, not cut separately – no spaces).  These incredible metal words and phrases can be decorated any way you prefer or you can simply leave them raw and beautiful! 

Custom words and phrases will range (sometimes dramatically) in size up to 12" tall x 18" long depending on character count (The shorter the word the taller the piece, the longer the phrase, the shorter the piece). 

First, select "WORD" or "PHRASE". Second, enter your word or phrase. For a WORD your entry can be a single word or string of words, but they'll be connected - Up to 13 characters without spaces. For a PHRASE - like "Be Our Guest", type in up to 25 characters (spaces take up one character count each).


Word: $45.99

Phrase: $65.99

DIMENSIONS: Ranging in size up to 12" tall x 18" long depending on character count.

MATERIAL: Industrial Grade Metal

Your piece is raw, unfinished steel, and comes with mid to mild discoloration due to the cutting process. There could be sharp edges. Your piece will come with a light sheen of oil and shop dust. See Care Instructions.

Crafted in the U.S.A.